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Newsdesk Update – Mobile Apps, Language Facet, and More

Moreover Blog - Tue, 12/09/2014 - 10:08

Since our last Newsdesk update, we’ve been hard at work adding access to source lists and Language as a search facet, and creating newsfeed apps for Androids and iOS.

Links to Source Lists and Comments 

Now by default,  source lists and comments are linked to articles for all users. You can search for sources by name, URL, or refine them based on location or language. You can create source lists to make managing searches easier. There’s also flexible permissioning in place to help facilitate source list management.

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With comments linked to articles you can follow a conversation beyond the article into reader comments. Users can view three associated comments by default and have the option to “Show More Article Comments.” To easily see what linked comments look like, create a new search, select “Comments,” and search for source:disqus.

Data Download Option

New data download options are available on the left hand tree. Users can now access the rich Excel data download options by clicking the drop down arrow on the feed or chart menu.

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Language Facet

Now you’ll find Language as a facet in the search results. This addition makes it quick and easy to see the breakdown of languages and exclude English language articles, if desired, from the results.

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For any questions about these enhancements, please contact Client Services.