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NewsRight LogoWith NewsRight joining the Moreover Technologies' family on May 2, 2013, there is now a single, consolidated source of licensed content available. Moreover is pleased by the vote of confidence from the 29 publishers/owners in the NewsRight catalog. Moving forward with one catalog will make online content, tracking and distribution far easier in today's changing media monitoring landscape.

With publishers moving titles behind paywalls, it’s increasingly difficult for media monitoring and evaluation (MME) companies and enterprises to access copyright-compliant content on the web and provide it to their clients. And with the decision impacting fair use in the Associated Press versus Meltwater case, it’s critical to reduce your potential liability while providing clients with access to the content they need.

Moreover has always been committed to respecting fair use laws and honoring licensed content in order to help our clients be successful. The result is NewsRight (previously named Metabase Premium). Built on our Metabase API service, NewsRight is a copyright-compliant media monitoring service that lets you provide your clients with full access to licensed content.

Full-Text, Copyright-Compliant Content

Thanks to Moreover’s partnership with leading U.S. content provider, BurrellesLuce, you don’t have to worry about the legal, compliance, and administrative hassles that come with accessing content behind paywalls. NewsRight makes it easy, seamless, and cost effective to deliver copyright-compliant, premium content to your clients from a continually growing list of publishers such as the Associated Press, Hearst, and The Washington Post.

Key features

  • Full access to copyright-compliant content from more than 1,900 sources and growing
  • Continual, uninterrupted access to licensed content and complete articles, not just snippets or excerpts
  • Seamless integration into media monitoring applications and services 
  • Click through to content without leaving website or application
  • All articles are analyzed, categorized and served with more than 50 pieces of metadata

Learn how NewsRight delivers access and peace of mind!

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