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Stream All Business News Through One Service

Turn Newsdesk into a media distribution hub for your organization by including existing corporate news subscriptions. Share all business news from a single media intelligence platform, providing a consistent user experience while reducing costly media overlap.

Working directly with publishers, Newsdesk enables companies to standardize media collection and news distribution practices across the organization. Include licensed content alongside online news, social media, print and broadcast for a full 360 degree view of the media landscape, all from the same platform:

  • Streamline delivery of business news
    by channeling existing media subscriptions through Newsdesk
  • Improve employee user experience
    with a consistent service instead of disparate feeds
  • Save time and effort with an award-winning interface
    and eliminate multiple tools with different and limited features
  • Add value to licensed content
    with Newsdesk's advanced article categorization
  • Eliminate costly overlap between media vendors
    by comparing news coverage side by side

Key Features

  • Unified search across private subscriptions and Newsdesk's global media index
  • Customized content integration capabilities that connect directly to publisher's CMS 
  • Deliver private media content alongside business news, social media posts and broadcast clips
  • Offer personalized delivery options with Newsdesk's flexible news sharing features
  • Serve all business news with the same branding and a consistent feature set
  • Incorporate private media subscriptions in media evaluation reports

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