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Boost Employee Engagement & Brand Awareness

Newsdesk gives corporate communications teams a powerful delivery channel for sharing external media perspectives across the organization. Inform and engage employees with selected media coverage that supports key corporate objectives including employee engagement, corporate identity, and regulatory compliance.

Newsdesk is designed to let communications professionals pro-actively manage the news cycle and share specific media coverage in order to support a range communications objectives:

  • Promote employee engagement
    with a precisely tailored business news service
  • Strengthen corporate identity
    by sharing external media perspectives on key topics
  • Underpin corporate compliance initiatives
    by demonstrating value through real-life events
  • Handle unexpected media events and crises
    through established, routine communication channels
  • Boost intranet adoption
    by incorporating an informative media intelligence service

Key Features

  • Automatically monitor 2,500 new articles a minute for specific news events
  • Instantly analyze 250 million current articles on practically any topic 
  • Disseminate news with complete editorial control, down to article level additions and deletions
  • Add commentary to news and flag key articles for attention
  • Distribute news over email, intranet, shared dashboards and enterprise social networking services
  • Receive dedicated customer support including editorial consultancy

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