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Precision-Engineered Market Intelligence

Use Newsdesk to enhance market research and business analysis with in-depth media analysis of millions of current news articles and social media posts. Analyze and report on the latest industry developments with confidence, from M&A to regulatory compliance, from company research to informing decisions in financial markets.

Newsdesk's near real-time global media coverage across companies, industries and markets gives market analysts the ability to continuously monitor market trends and respond to events. Whether part of a corporate team or as a market research business, Newsdesk enables highly informed market intelligence. 

  • Analyze market news globally
    to inform corporate strategy and key business decisions
  • Monitor news events as they unfold
    and respond to current market developments
  • Bolster market research
    with detailed and comprehensive media insight on any topic
  • Research developments efficiently and reliably
    with a one-stop-shop for up-to-the-minute market news
  • Share up-to-the-minute market news
    directly with customers as part of your service offering

Key Features

Newsdesk offers instant, searchable access to Moreover's market-leading news index. Monitor over 2,500 new links a minute - categorized, in near real-time, and spam-free.

  • Instantly search 250 million current news items, social media posts, print articles and broadcast clips
  • Near real-time coverage of 55,000 editorially-maintained online news sources
  • Comprehensive global media coverage across both B2B and B2C topics
  • Track gossip and rumour across social media, including blogs, comments witter, Facebook, and more
  • Quickly and accurately refine topics with powerful search filters designed for a business audience
  • Perform advanced media analytics with many charting options and full data download to Excel
  • Collaborate on market research across analyst teams with user groups and shared commentary
  • Directly integrate current business news with RSS and news search API options
  • Add niche sources on request for a fully tailored market intelligence solution
  • Receive outstanding customer support from dedicated account managers

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