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Technology Partners

Moreover collaborates with leading software and data services to provide enhanced news and social media categorization that is unique in detail and scope. These partnerships allow companies to analyze, segment and connect data, uncovering new insights across mass media that were simply not available before.

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Yammer is a leading enterprise social networking service that lets employees share and connect with each other. We've integrated Yammer's social networking features directly into Newsdesk to facilitate the sharing of external media across the company and on Yammer private networks. Visit Yammer's Partners page for more information.


Moreover partners with Calais, the semantic analysis technology owned by Thomson Reuters, to add rich semantic metadata that captures key elements and themes in documents, making it possible to analyze and link disparate news and social media items.


Morningstar is a leading financial services company. Moreover uses Morningstar data to identify and mark up publically traded companies, providing companies with stock ticker search and media analysis data.


Moreover collaborates with MetaCarta to add detailed geo-data to its services. MetaCarta's technology is capable of reliably identifying millions of locations worldwide, adding a rich layer of geographic insight to media analysis.

Thomson Reuters

Moreover and Thomson Reuters have partnered to provide data for their News Analytics service, analyzing news and social media across a number of dimensions such as sentiment, relevance and novelty, in order to provide financial analysts a more complete market picture.