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Case Study: dna13 media monitoring and PR software firm

Challenge—Get all current, relevant real-time Web news from one vendor while eliminating extraneous information.

dna13 offers on-demand software for real-time reputation management. Brands and companies of all sizes around the world rely on the company's Web-based, software solutions to manage their public relations and corporate communications function—and gain the power to control their reputation in this ever-changing PR 2.0 environment.

dna13 constantly has to balance getting needed information without having to wade through tons of extraneous articles and posts. As the volume of salient social media posts explodes, dna13 must be vigilant about passing on the full universe of relevant information to clients, filtered in a way that ensures fresh and focused delivery.

Notes Charles Funk, Director of Product Management, "One of the biggest challenges for dna13 is evolving our product to meet interest in social media. The whole media space has changed so quickly; social media is driving interest in online content as a whole. We need to identify key posts and messages that are relevant to customers."

Solution—Moreover Technologies, which provides relevant, near real-time Web news articles and social media posts through our Metabase XML "feed of feeds".

As a pioneer of content aggregation founded in 1998, Moreover Technologies established—and maintains—its industry-leading reputation by addressing breadth, depth and filtering of online business intelligence.

  • Breadth refers to the rapidly expanding social as well as online news media monitoring realms. Moreover Technologies currently indexes 75 million-plus social media posts and news articles monthly, including social media powerhouses.
  • Depth looks at the number of industries, countries and languages monitored. Moreover Technologies currently indexes posts tied to 800+ searchable industry categories, 100+ countries and 75+ languages.
  • Filtering ties to metadata available to establish relevancy and currency—and eliminate undesired duplication. Moreover Technologies offers a semantic metatagging and geodata protocol featuring up to 50 pieces of information. News articles and social media posts are culled from a repository of 3.0 million+ editorially-vetted, Web sources.

In all of this, there's no time to stand still. When asked about how Moreover Technologies is doing to further improve in these critical areas, dna13 personnel responded clearly:

  • On social media breadth and depth expansion: "They're constantly looking for new social media sources and integrating them into their offerings. In turn, we're able to pass on these vital conversations to our clients. This improvement allows clients real-time access to the voices they care about; connecting them with influencers across social media sites."—Joanne Kern, Training & Education Manager, dna13
  • On filtering and focusing: "In general, Moreover provides relevant content using its White List approach. Then we further filter content to meet specific client needs."—Cheryl Rice, Director of Marketing, dna13

Results for client—Ability to access the needle in the haystack: Pinpoint business intelligence indexed from the worlds best sources in news, social & online media.

Product Management Director Funk notes, “Today, getting too much information is probably worse than not getting enough. It’s not only irrelevant, but there are Trojan Horse links and the like.”

While finding and filtering more than a 2.5 million posts daily, Moreover Technologies remains committed to individual dna13 requests. Funk points out that company, “gets an ‘A’ as a supplier that responds well. Moreover has been most supportive and quite responsive.”

Overall, according to dna13 interviewees, Moreover Technologies meets the challenge when it comes to:

  • Clean, focused and relevant online feeds funneled through a single portal for easy capture and review; and easily shared across products and services offered to dna13’s media monitoring clients;
  • An aggressive, ongoing commitment to growing the online media monitoring base, and incorporation of such social media powerhouses;
  • Providing full, live customer support versus relegating clients to automated, email “self help” solutions.

Benefits to client stakeholders—Being in the know NOW!

It follows that dna13 is able to serve media monitoring clients very efficiently, in part because of Moreover Technologies. dna13 gets timely, clean, and relevant news articles and social media posts to ensure meeting client expectations.

Moreover Technologies provides a compelling solution:

  • A “feed of feeds” from the industry’s pioneering ping server—containing all desired news and social media headlines, extracts and original article links
  • Access to nine million-plus locations through MetaCarta geodata and sophisticated OpenCalais semantic searches
  • Enhanced social media monitoring: Blogs  • Podcasts • Microblogs  • Social Networks  ● User Comments ● Video/photo Sharing • Forums  • Consumer Reviews  • Wikis  • Classifieds

About dna13

dna13 is a leading Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider for public relations and marketing communications professionals around the globe. As the premier web-based application for media intelligence and PR management, the dna13 solution provides real-time access to TV, print, online and social media content, providing communicators the insight they need to plan marketing strategies, securely align corporate teams, synchronize the delivery of corporate messages, and engage with key stakeholders. For more information, visit: