Engagor Case Study


Moreover Technologies Case Study: Engagor

“Even smaller news sites from smaller countries are being covered, which is a huge strength of Moreover.”

Using Moreover Metabase, Engagor Expands Its Worldwide Reach


Engagor is a platform for social media monitoring, engagement, insights and reporting on what is being said online about a brand, its competitors or industry on social media, news sites, blogs, and forums. The company’s mission is to help its customers become the social business in their industry with tools to help manage online presence, reputation, customer support, and marketing strategy. Its rapidly growing global client list includes Volvo Group, Thomas Cook, T-Mobile, D’Ieteren, Delhaize, Decathlon, Ikea, McDonalds, the European Commission, and European Parliament.

Challenge: Provide comprehensive international news monitoring for global customers

To serve its customers, Engagor pulls in wholesale data feeds from multiple sources, including social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Marketing Manager Lien Brusselmans explains: “It’s crucial that we provide our clients with a complete picture of what their brand looks like online. This means we can’t miss out on mentions in news articles, magazines, and reviews across national and local markets.”

Based in Belgium and with clients across the world, Engagor is especially aware of the importance of news coverage in local markets and in multiple languages, with the Engagor platform supporting more than 180 languages. None of the company’s existing data providers had been able to offer the breadth and depth of coverage that Engagor’s clients required

Solution: Global media monitoring with Moreover’s Metabase service

Engagor chose to partner with Moreover for its comprehensive international media coverage and its ability to quickly add additional sources to cover niche markets where required. “With Moreover we are confident we’re tracking all the websites that frequently publish new content,” says Lien Brusselmans. “Even smaller news sites from smaller countries are being covered, which is a huge strength of Moreover.”

Cameron Joye, Engagor Community Manager, adds: “It’s amazing how Metabase delivers the relevant information that you otherwise would not have found on your own. Metabase is an integral part of our platform – our service wouldn’t be the same without it.”

Engagor is also very pleased with the responsive customer service it receives from Moreover. “Moreover customer support is a big help to us. For instance, when we forward questions from customers, we always get quick answers,” says Jozefien Verhaeghe, head of customer support at Engagor.

Results: Valuable market insight for Engagor’s clients

Now with Metabase as a core component of Engagor’s platform, the company’s customers get the relevant news and information they need to stay on top of their brand reputation and ahead of their competitors. With Metabase providing the broadest source coverage possible, Engagor is earning customer trust in the quality and validity of its media analysis.

“Metabase is an integral part of our platform – our service wouldn’t be the same without it.”

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