ICA Case Study


Moreover Technologies Case Study: International Compliance Association (ICA)

“At the first available opportunity we decided to return to Moreover
and we have not looked back since!”

About ICA

The International Compliance Association (ICA) is a professional organisation and membership body dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in compliance, anti-money laundering and financial crime prevention. ICA aims to impart knowledge and support its members through a variety of platforms and media, including the latest international regulatory news.

Challenge: Inform ICA members of the latest international regulatory news

ICA had used Moreover as their news service provider for a number of years before switching providers during the ‘credit crunch’ in a bid to save money. This turned out to be a false economy however.

The ICA experienced a number of problems throughout the two year contract with the new supplier. A key issue was the fact that they never managed to get the news results as relevant and as focused as the Moreover news feeds. This directly impacted the quality of service ICA was providing to its members.

Solution: Highly targeted industry news with Moreover Newsdesk

Lily Harwood from ICA sums it up best:

“At the first available opportunity we decided to return to Moreover and we have not looked back since! It was quick and easy to set up all of our keywords and the new and improved Newsdesk interface is very user friendly which is great for a non-techie marketing person!”

“Furthermore, if I have any queries about functionality or usability, I contact Moreover and they respond instantly with a solution. However most of the time I don’t need to log into Newsdesk at all as I’m safe in the knowledge that the feed is well sourced and targeted, so it pretty much manages itself.”

Results: Timely news and media insights for ICA members

  • Reliable, up-to-date regulatory news helps ICA members stay fully informed of current developments
  • The quality news service underpins ICA’s position as a trusted industry resource
  • Powerful search filters result in a cost-effective business news service with little ongoing maintenance
  • Worldwide media coverage enables ICA to attract and serve compliance professionals internationally

“The new and improved Newsdesk is very user friendly which is great for a non-techie marketing person!”

See Newsdesk live in action!

Visit www.int-comp.org and check out "Latest International News" for a customized, live Newsdesk feed.

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