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Moreover Technologies Case Study: Tradition Energy

“Moreover has proven an excellent choice.
Their media coverage of the energy sector and of business news in general
means our clients stay fully informed.”

About Tradition Energy

Tradition Energy is one of the world's largest energy procurement advisors to commercial, industrial and governmental organizations, including Fortune 500 global companies. They help organizations buy, use and manage energy in order to achieve greater efficiency and effectiveness in their operations. Tradition is considered an energy expert and is one of only two paid energy contributors to CNBC.

Challenge: Alert users of global business news impacting energy prices

Energy prices are influenced daily by a constant flow of factors, a few of which are supply and demand, production, the weather, and geo-political events across the globe. Tradition’s users can be directly impacted by these fluctuations, so understanding and responding to current market events can mean the difference between profit and loss, success and failure.

Tradition Energy required a service that could track and distribute targeted business news and industry trends, providing with actionable media intelligence while still fresh enough to make a difference.

Solution: Media monitoring and news distribution with Newsdesk

Tradition Energy created a unique website through which its staff, clients and industry peers can follow energy market news and information affecting energy market prices. In addition to Tradition’s primary energy market intelligence, displays near real-time news results generated by Moreover’s Newsdesk service.

"Newsdesk gives us access to thousands of energy stories a day, with great filtering options so we can really drill down to the news that matters most to our audiences." says Scott Merrell. "We are then using their RSS news feed option to export current energy headlines and post it to for our clients."

"The media coverage of our industry is excellent and it’s a great compliment to our own proprietary market intelligence. With the addition of Newsdesk, we are confident that we are delivering our clients a comprehensive solution of all the significant news events impacting energy prices."

Results: Actionable media intelligence for Tradition's users

  • Users are able to make more informed decisions with access to the latest industry news
  • Newsdesk helps Tradition Energy advisors stay current with breaking news alerts
  • Adding a media intelligence service to their proprietary market intelligence helps Tradition Energy foster deeper client relationships
  • Media monitoring helps Tradition Energy reinforce its position as one of the world's premier full-service energy advisors

“We recently migrated to the newest version of Newsdesk.
It’s the best example of a dynamic interface I’ve seen in this type of application. I appreciate both the aesthetics and functionality.”

See Newsdesk live in action!

Visit and view customized, live Newsdesk feeds in action.

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