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Live Examples

View live examples of Moreover's Newsdesk, Search Engine Toolkit and Metabase services, and see how companies turn mass media into engaging content tailored to specific audiences. Enrich websites and portals with targeted news on any topic with Moreover's global media coverage.

Depending on your business requirements and technical setup, Moreover's services are the perfect fit:

  • Newsdesk offers a friendly user interface with easy-to-use search filters for hands-on editorial control
  • Search Engine Toolkit provides a flexible search API for automated feeds and end-user search features
  • Metabase gives complete client-side control of data for companies that run local search engine software

Follow the links below to see Moreover in action!

Popular search engine uses Metabase to include Moreover results in its news search engine.


The BBC uses Search Engine Toolkit and Newsdesk to link to other news sites across the UK. The BBC also uses Moreover to serve local news from the Web and show related headlines for top stories.

British Institute of Facilities Management

BIFM uses Newsdesk to provide the latest business news about facilities management.


Social networking service Companybook uses Metabase to categorize and serve news on companies.

The Daily Mail

UK publisher The Daily Mail uses Search Engine Toolkit to post football coverage from across the web.

International Compliance Association

ICA uses Newsdesk to deliver international compliance news and developments.

McGraw Hill

McGraw Hill's Access Engineering portal uses Search Engine Toolkit to serve global engineering news.


The free news search service uses results from Metabase to index and serve media analytics.

Simon & Schuster

The book publisher uses Search Engine Toolkit to dynamically generate author and book news.

Tradition Energy

Energy procurement advisor Tradition Energy uses Newsdesk to deliver global energy news.