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Gain New Insights into Media Intelligence

While any content aggregation company will promote its own interests and capabilities, it's also important to educate—to provide complete and accurate information that can make business intelligence decision-making clearer and more focused.

We freely admit that the position papers included in this Resources section contain a point of view. At the same time, they offer factual information that you can verify. We also encourage discussion and debate. If you have a differing point of view or additional information on a particular topic, let us know. This keeps us on our toes... and helps keep you fully informed of the latest developments in the content aggregation arena.

Actionable Media Intelligence

Amid so much data, can you cultivate just what you need to make well-informed business decisions-without drowning in irrelevant information along the way? Maximize the quality of media intelligence received and shared, and save money by simplifying and standardizing media monitoring, market and competitive intelligence, and associated analysis initiatives in a cost-effective and sustainable way. One enterprise energy company saved $5 million in one year by doing just that. Learn more about the solution that can ramp up relevant results while tamping down costs.

Where UK Newspaper Websites Get Their Traffic

According to a paidContent:UK June 28, 2010 report, "the BBC is already the number-five giver of readers to UK commercial newspaper websites. The BBC News site sent nearly two million unique visitors to the papers in April, and over 100,000 more clicked from other BBC.co.uk sites..." Where does that content come from? Moreover Technologies »

But that’s nothing new. BBC and Moreover Technologies have a bit of history together.

Back in 2004, a BBC report noted, "Our users tell us that one of the things they value most about our service is our policy of linking openly to other websites. These links offer access to more detailed information, the chance to compare sources or check out a different perspective on the same story... The Newstracker system uses web search technology to identify content from other news websites that relates to a particular BBC story... The feed is provided to us by Moreover Technologies."

On June 28, 2010, paidContent:UK provided an update on the BBC-Newstracker relationship, addressing a new level of commitment to the "Moreover powered Newstracker module, which points readers to related news stories elsewhere." The report notes that the BBC committed in March: "BBC Online will be transformed into a window on the web with, by 2012, an external link on every page and at least double the current rate of 'click-throughs' to external sites. On that promise, by April 2012, the BBC should be giving newspapers over four million unique visitors each month--more than even Yahoo... does currently."

Beyond RSS

RSS feeds are a fast-growing and very important part of the content aggregation and media monitoring realms. But, they are only a part. It's critical to find the vast repository of business intelligence not available with solely RSS-based content aggregation—such resources as corporate websites, government/international news sites and the vast cache of social media posts. Read on to find out how »


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