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Reduce the Cost and Risk in Licensing Content

In speaking with the heads of communications, the challenge that consistently comes up is protecting against copyright violations within a very restrictive budget. The concern usually goes something like this:

“How can I optimize my budget, while being compliant, and still get all the content I need?”

Learn how to transform a complex content acquisition and licensing process into one that is consolidated and cost-effective.

Download the White Paper: What You Can Do to Reduce the Cost and Risk in Licensing Content

What Is News Harvesting – and Why Is It Important?

Harvesting is the process of crawling news and social media sites and pulling in content from them. It can be as simple as adding a new RSS feed or can require creation of a custom crawler for a specific website.

The trick, however, is the curation aspect of harvesting. This is where, metaphorically speaking, the wheat gets separated from the chaff. More specifically, curation ensures you get the juicy, relevant tidbits you need versus the spammy, irrelevant pieces of content you don’t need.  This is where human involvement is critical. Read the Article »

If the Barcelona Principles Can Help CARE Save Lives, What Can They Do For Your Company?

The Barcelona Principles were introduced in 2010, when PR practitioners from 33 countries gathered in Barcelona and agreed on seven principles of media measurement. These principles provide a way to measure and evaluate PR efforts using a much more sophisticated and strategic set of measurement practices, instead of relying on the traditional method of looking solely at advertising value equivalents (AVEs). CARE International is using the Barcelona Principles to demonstrate the value of public relations in a much more personal way: helping people and saving lives.

Getting Ahead with Competitive Analysis

Distilling and acting on competitive knowledge is helping organizations around the globe stand out and increase revenue.

This article explains how to acquire and act on competitive intelligence to keep a closer eye on market developments, differentiate offerings, strengthen customer relationship, and update your marketing or PR plan. Read the Article »


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