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Empower Your Business with Media Insights

Moreover's solutions allow companies to turn unstructured news and social media content into business opportunities. Our data is used worldwide in news and social media monitoring, media analytics, business intelligence, financial analysis and market research.

Companies of all sizes and industries trust Moreover for its data aggregation expertise. We also serve publishers, government organizations, trade associations, and B2C services such as search engines and consumer portals.

Our leading solution, Newsdesk, is used for media monitoring, competitive intelligence, and news distribution across companies and websites. It provides a powerful set of tools that support a wide range of business objectives:

  • Corporate Communications 
    Drive informed decision-making with precisely tailored business news. Use targeted media coverage to support corporate objectives such as employee engagement and reputation management.
  • Marketing
    Gain competitive intelligence with global media monitoring across news, social media, print and broadcast, all from one service. Add new sources on request for a 360 degree view of the media landscape.
  • Portals & Publishers
    Enhance original content and information with highly customized, audience-focused news feeds. Whether B2B or B2C, our cost-effective media solutions will keep your audiences informed and engaged.
  • PR and Marketing Agencies
    We work with many leading agencies to monitor and analyze the media. From our hosted Newsdesk service to our API solutions, we have the coverage and quality data to help you succeed.
  • Research Companies
    Market research companies leverage Moreover's global media coverage to inform market analysis and research reports with media commentary and online rumour from thousands of influential sources.