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Deliver Media Insight Company Wide

Media intelligence is an opportunity that’s paying off in the corporate world through productivity gains, better decision-making, and competitive advantage. Moreover gives communications teams the ability to manage and direct the flow of business news across the organization, turning mass media into a powerful strategic asset.

Information professionals use Moreover's leading media intelligence solution, the 3x award-winning Newsdesk service, to support key corporate objectives:

Drive informed decision-making with personalized, near real-time business news

  • Curate highly targeted business news for enterprise-wide media distribution
  • Directly integrate news on the intranet, in user workflow, and company newsletters
  • Serve information professionals as well as time-strapped executives in need of quick digests

Strengthen corporate identity, employee engagement, and reputation management

  • Share targeted media coverage with commentary to promote employee engagement 
  • Improve corporate identity and brand awareness with enlightening external perspectives
  • Retain full editorial control over the content that flows out to the organization

Streamline media distribution practices across the organization and save on time and effort

  • Serve all business news coming into the organization through the same distribution channels
  • Show licensed content alongside related news and social media commentary from the web
  • Identify and eliminate costly data overlap